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Multiple Property Benefits

When we talk about being Investors, I think the term can start as basic as everyone of us who has purchased our own home to live in, and then can grow in meaning as our "Investments", or in this sense our properties, continue to grow or to be accumulated.

An Investment should be viewed as an expenditure on an asset that will appreciate in value over time; or as something that will retain value for future security. Homes usually do that. On the other hand, motor homes, cars, boats, big screen tv's, and most other consumer goods don't qualify; they depreciate, or go down in value over time. They are fun now, but won't help us much in the future (and probably won't be worth much).

I like to talk about the benefits of owning more than just the home you live in- Multiple Property Benefits:

  • Property historically goes up in value. Yes, there are some areas and some periods of time when we see decreases, but overall the trend is always upwards.
  • Residential properties are amortized over a set number of years allowing the balance to be slowly paid down to zero. The more homes you own and have renters making the payments, the more money (equity) you are accumulating.
  • The Tax benefits are fantastic.
  • You can invest anywhere- city, state, country, world- where ever the best return is.
  • You can control large amounts of assets with only ten or twenty per cent of your own money at risk (your down payments).
  • Your investments are basically secure; hard for someone to steal or change.
  • Your investments can easily be left to your heirs, or assigned as you direct.

If you think you might be interested in growing your investments, I would recommend reading a few books on this subject, and then talking with your tax advisor about the possible benefits. I would personally like the opportunity to discuss some of the many options available to the "Investment" home buyer in todays market.