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You're just starting out in the home buying process, so what should you do?  Well, calling or contacting All For 1 Real Estate would be a good first step!
Our office can forward you information on homes and prices in the area that you choose and then work closely with you to find just the right home.  We will recommend that during the early stages of our meeting, you speak with an approved lender in order to pin point your correct price range, and also meet the new Arizona contract requirements.  An All For 1 agent will do it all for you!

  • We don't want you to over buy.  Talk to a Lender, let's get a good price range to work with, and then most important- you need to be comfortable with the monthly payment range. The Amortization Page explains how your total monthly payment is calculated.
  • Our agent will show you homes in your requested areas and in your price range. All For 1 agents have years of experience and have seen plenty of houses, so if you have any questions just ask.
  • When you find "your" home, it's time for your All For 1 agent to fill out an offer with you. Upon acceptance and signing by the Seller, your offer becomes the sales contact. This signed contract is what your Lender will want in order to finalize your loan process.
  • While your loan is being processed, your agent can help coordinate such things as a home inspection and termite inspection,
  • During this loan processing period, it is critical that you do not create any other new debt. Now is not a good time to purchase a new car, or charge any big ticket items.
  • Prior to close of escrow (COE) you will be given the opportunity to walk through the home one more time, to make sure everything is still the same.
  • You will need a home owners insurance policy.
  • You will need to transfer all the utilities into your name (for the COE date)
  • You can start the process of enrolling your children in their new schools.
  • At the COE, you will be required to show your photo I.D. (for notary) and any down payment or closing costs must be by certified or cashiers check or wire transfer.
  • Usually at this point, or upon recording, you will be given the keys to your new home!
  • Have all your mail and accounts switched to your new address.
  • Change the locks, and remember to change the code on the electric garage door opener if applicable.

It's a great time in your life, and we want to be part of it!  Call All For 1 at 928-486-9165.