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When you are preparing your home for sale you need to make the best first impression possible. All For 1 has a few helpful hints that can help you "getting your house in order"

  • Remove the clutter. Your home should feel roomy and open, with a minimum of visual distractions, so pack up all the "knick knacks" and pictures of your favorite sports teams and allow your visitors to concentrate on your home.
  • If the closets and garage are over stuffed, you might want to consider packing and moving the extra to temporary storage, whether a relatives place or rental storage.
  • Spruce up that front yard. Often a customer will do a drive-by of your home to see if it is something they might be interested in. Curb appeal makes a big difference.
  • Make sure the front door and porch are clean. When a visitor comes to your home, they will be paused at your front door while waiting for someone to answer or open it. Their eyes will have time to look at the overall condition- so make it favorable.
  • Paint!  Paint is probably the cheapest, best way a person can improve their home. On vacant homes and rlocation homes that we handle, the owners will usually have the entire home redone. Odds are you can not do the entire inside, but check for walls and rooms that could really use it.
  • Pet Owners (we are too), but you need to be aware that there may be customers coming by that don't feel the same way, so its usually best if you can remove your dog or cat during showings.
  • Let the light in. Once you have uncluttered your home and packed up your extras, clean the blinds and windows and let some light in during showings.
  • Clean-dusted light bulbs, fixtures, and mirrors can make a home look sharp. This is a good time to change any burnt out bulbs and also your homes air filters.

...and remember, All For 1 is all for you! Just give us a call and a trained Professional will be by your side to help guide you through this process.